Not Wedding Layouts

And now for something completely different…….

…………………a layout that is NOT from the wedding album.

Here are a few of my favorite layouts.

This is my son Mark – Cpl Cortens – in Gari Dupatta,Pakistan. He was serving as as Signals Operator with the DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) there in November 2005 after their huge earthquake. This page and the two following it were published in summer 2006 Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. ….my only claim to fame!

My Dad is 82 years old now. This is a photo of him taken in 1938 when he was 14 years old. In the small frame is a photo of him when he was four. This is a simple layout, but I like to look at it and be reminded that my Dad was really 13 once and very handsome – he still is!. 🙂

And another heritage page – I love doing heritage pages – this one tells the story of my Dad’s training and experience in the Canadian Armed Forces. I sent the pictures to him by e-mail a couple of years ago and asked him to tell me about his experiences. I was so blessed with all he wrote and placed it word for word on this page. You never know when your parents or Grandparents will be leaving this world, so find time to sit down with them, go through the family photos and either write down or record all they have to say, getting all the interesting little stories – when they are gone, all those interesting details will be gone as well – forever!

Thanks for looking.


5 thoughts on “Not Wedding Layouts

  1. Hey Julie. Im loving loving the layouts. Especially the ones I haven’t seen before. My dream is to become published one day just like you. Keep em coming.

  2. Julie, GREAT layouts. the heritage ones are such treasures. And of course you know I was your biggest fan of your army layouts. I still think they are phenomenal. Great photos, great layouts = amazing scrapbooker.

  3. i found your blog on Wilna’s site, and i love the pages you have done. you have reason to be proud of your son!
    take care

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