Thanks for all your encouraging comments everyone….and what a priviledge to be on Wilna’s blog. Thanks for the link Wilna!

Well I turned 50 last week. I thought I would take it fairly well, practical, down to earth person that I am. I have so much to be thankful for – a wonderful husband and four children almost all launched and on their way. No Grandchildren yet. But I think I found it a little harder than expected to move into a new decade on the other side closer to 100!
I was sitting in my tiny den/office/library/srcapboook/computer room feeling sorry for myself (isn’t it so easy to do that even when we know we are blessed). I was thinking how uninspiring, crowded, messy, cluttered and downright dirty the room was – wish I had some photos to show you just how cluttered it was. It had marked up green walls, old dirty and smelly carpet and just way too much stuff in it. The dumping ground for the whole house. I was blaming my self centered ‘feel sorry for myself’ thoughts on the room and I decided I needed a pick-me-up, so I just started taking EVERYTHING out of the room! It took the whole day – what a workout – three huge bookshelves full of books, all my computer and photography paraphenalia AND all my scrapbook supplies. Was it ever nice to pull that old carpet out of there! The family room, diningroom and hallway were full of all the stuff now – a dilema I would deal with later.

Off to J&H builders for two hours and I had the paint, two new lighting fixtures and new laminate flooring purchased (all on sale – this was meant to be!). I painted all evening and the next day – was up at 4am to finish the painting (had to work that day) and my son then installed the flooring. Spent my lunch hours and any off time looking for the perfect desk – found a floor model discounted and came in on budget!! Umm…but I won’t be buying myself that new wideangle lens for my 50th! haha. I’ll keep dreaming. Here are the after pictures – you can only imaging the before pictures! This is a small room but I made it work! I love my new bold wall colour and photos on my wall!

I love my new work room – it is better than I imagined but this reno stuff is really interferring with my scrapbooking. I really have to set some time aside to get more pages done – so many photos waiting for their spot on the page!
Thanks for looking!

5 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Happy birthday Julie! I hope I look as great as you, have accomplished as many successes as you and become as great of a mom as you by the time I turn 50. You are a really neat, creative lady. I think the colour you chose is sweet.The room looks great, can’t wait to see your new inspiring layouts!!!

  2. Wow, it looks great!!!! I’m sure it will inspire you to do creative things. I find that I like to have pretty things around me when I practice too – it really helps the mindset!

    Love you!

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