Discover the Ocean

Another Hawaii page I did last night. I really have to quit these late nights. The clock on my blog is supposed to remind me that “hey you got to be up at 6:45 am tomorrow morning girl!” but it doesn’t seem to be working. Addicted? Ralna what have you done to us!! hehe

4 thoughts on “Discover the Ocean

  1. I love this new layout!
    Is it digital?
    I would love you to help me with my blog as i want a family photo as my title too!!

  2. I’m beginning to see I’ve started something here… there seem to be more and more local scrappers blog’s popping up since we started the JSI and design team blogs. It’s awesome! It’s such a great way for us to share something we’re all so passionate about. I’m so glad you’re all enjoying doing this. I was afraid you guys might see this as more of an unpleasant chore rather than an opportunity.

    By the way I really love this page Jules and I’ll probably lift it.

  3. lol, i have the same problem, scrap untill the wee hours of the morning and then wonder why i feel tired.
    it is just so addictive, we can’t help ourselves.
    love from a fellow fanatic in South Africa

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