My Little Girl

Hi Everyone, I am busy working on somthing for Allison’s graduation from highschool. Not sure what but it will involve pictures. So I have pulled out the old albums and pictures and am busy scanning them all. I just had to share a few with you since little people are so cute and all you get to see on my pages are big people! I am tempted to redo a few pages in her album since I scrapped these so long ago – but do I do that before or after I get the thousands of pictures done that I am already behind on!

Our little Sweet Pea!

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5 thoughts on “My Little Girl

  1. Ahh, they grow up way too fast! Of course Allison is at a great stage now, too!

    I really love the picture you use as a banner.

  2. Thanks Julie for reminding me that grad is around the corner and I really should do an album for Rachel. In my spare time.:-) Before or after the dress?

  3. Julie, I love your style – you are a great scrapper. I hope you are teaching a few classes at the Spring Fling!!

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