Just Scrap It April Challenge

Okay here is my challenge page – this was hard – much easier talking about my wonderful kids and vacation spots than about me…although I must say I got verbose! I just couldn’t say mother, wife … because they are only a small part of who I am.

the words read…
Who am I? That’s a huge question. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – a photographer, photojournalist, own my own business that involves photos and scrapbooking on the computer, Photoshop guru, world traveler, go back to university and get smart and earn a lot of money?…or maybe a grandma who lives in a neat clean condo and travels to visit all her grandkids. I would love to travel the world with my sweetheart and take pictures and scrapbook them. All dreams, thoughts, musings… but they don’t really say who I am today and , well to tell the truth I am not sure I know myself. Yes I am a mother to four fabulous kids, a wife, a scrapbooker, a volunteer, a healthcare worker, a friend, a lover, the mainstay of our home, a chauffeur, cook, home creator, a wannabe gardener, a teacher, encourager, a neighbor, full time Mom and homeschooler (retired). I love to laugh – gosh it feels so good. I hate to cry –it feels so awful – usually, I want to love people and help people and do things for people, I have a servant’s heart and a heart for those with struggles, pains and losses, but my pride and self-centeredness get in the way sometimes. All these thoughts and wants and realities are temporal and will all someday be gone – just a moment in my lifetime however long that might be.. Here today and gone tomorrow – a memory in a scrapbook. The groundwork, the foundation, the core of who I am, what I do and why I do it, is the Lord Jesus Christ.. I am who I am, whatever that might be, because of Him. He is my Creator, my sustainer, my Savior. I am, I exist, I do, because of Him and so in all the things I do and say and think, in all the things I am, He is the reason.. He is perfection – something I will never know or understand this side of eternity. But because of Him I can strive towards perfection – for His glory. I fail miserably all the time, every day – oh this wicked flesh – but because of Him I can also pick myself up out of the dust, brush myself off and keep running the race He has set before me…because my eyes are on Him, because He has paid the ultimate price for undeserving me. I can give unselfishly, because He has given me the ultimate gift – life – not just in this present moment in time, but real life – life eternal without any of the groaning and trials and sin of this world. Yes I guess I am a lot of things to a lot of people – but the foundation, the cornerstone of all those things is Jesus. I am a child of the King! And so in all things I have joy! Even in the trials and tribulations of this life – there is joy in knowing and being known by Him. I stand in the love of Christ. There is no better place to be.

Thanks for looking…and reading. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Just Scrap It April Challenge

  1. Julie, I think this layout is fantastic. The words you expressed on it are beautiful. I love all the new click here links, and verses. It allows people to see and share the Word. I will continue to be a faithful follower of you because I find your site always gives such inspiration, in scrapbooking & faith. Awesome job.

  2. Julie, I love love this LO. I read the journalling and it was so hearfelt, so inspiring! I love how you shared your faith, it is the foundation. so true. Love it

  3. You are an amazing woman! Never grow up, keep doing all those things you love. Your passion for your family, faith, scrapbooking & photography make you truly an outstanding woman. O.k. I do hope you get to travel the world with the man you love.

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