coffee party

I love blogging. I can sit here in my dressing gown with a cup of coffee at 7:25am looking like…well you don’t want to know…and it feels like we are all sitting around my family room having wine/coffee/cheesecake and sharing our loves and fears, hopes and laughs, our precious pictures and creative work with words and pictures – kind of wonderful to be able to do that without having to make a fashion statement at the same time – which I am NOT good at. And I stick my foot in my mouth a lot less with blogging! hehe

I have three pages I am really wanting to get to….cause I bought a whole lot of stuff this week!!!!! And I am really anxious to use it – the ideas are giving me a headache and I have to get them onto paper! I bought some really neat stuff – do I NEED more pebbles????? But I love the little case they come in, BLING – can’t get enough, Sharon talked me into the Fancy Pants big stamps – that sure wasn’t hard for her to do…just asked her – do you like them? YES is an understatement ….oh my they are so wonderful that I will be stamping everything around here!!! And the new overlays are sitting on my desk crying out for some colorful Mexico pictures….and I found another decent pic of me in Mexico so I get to do a little more of the “scary but liberating” journalling. “Scary but liberating” yup Ralna that is the perfect discription!

But alas I have a reno that needs sanding and another coat of plaster and then paint- we yanked out the bar in the family room yesterday and my job is wall repair and paint, and the garage has a visitor – really tiny and he had better be in the trap good and dead this am – but I want it cleaned out and swept thoroughly today! our goal? FILL the garbage container!! My husbands job but I may need to be there. So my goal is reno and at least one page today – maybe the Mexico one since overlays are so easy…with a few stamps of course. ohhhh can’t wait – I better throw on the paint clothes and get sanding. Speaking of which hey Brit – how is the painting going? Call if you need any stuff – I have lots of plaster!!


5 thoughts on “coffee party

  1. can’t wait to see the new pages julie!! I always love your work!
    I am here in my pj’s with rhys checking out blogs…glad no one can see me without make-up and with some great bed head!

  2. The painting is going great…although I woke up this morning so sore from using muscles I dont normally use. Were you sore after the first day? It will be put on hold today however, cuz my family is coming up for the car show. Hopefully im back at it tomorrow.

  3. Julie, you are so right. Blogging so allows us to catch up and hey, my best time for getting things done is between 11pm-3am. How many people are even up?? I look forward to your new pages Julie.

  4. yes Brit I was sore – my right hand and my neck from looking up at the ceiling and cutting in all those edges – but it is good soreness – it means my muscles got a work out..and oh do they need that. Went for a three mile walk with my sweetheart this am – of course at the 1.5 mile mark we shared a fried egg with cheese on a bagel but hey we walked back too!

  5. yep sitting here in my jammies too, looking a mess and checking the blogs of all my friends. I’d rather scrapbook, or blog, but I have to get ready for another family easter brunch. Later, I’m going to tackle painting the hallway. It’s a small hallway with a whole lot of trim to paint around… fun, fun, fun!

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