Okay my first Mexico 2007 page. There will be more soon because I just sent David to Blacks to pick up a pile of 8×10’s. (he is also stopping at M&M’s for their “Too Tall chocolate Truffle cake” – oh to die for! What a great guy!)

I digress…

Blacks have a special on – an 8×10 for $1.99 with every order. But there is a glich in the system! The web site has ALL 8×10’S @ $1.99 … so I just sent in 12 of them over the net. You have to love them at blacks – talk about service. Since my pics are usually cropped to weird sizes, I phoned ahead and rather than crop them to the 8×10 she just printed them on the 8×12 sheet as they were – no making them fit the 8×10. Great people at Blacks…I love the people at Don’s too. Okay – so here is Mexico using our new overlays – they are soooo nice! Doesn’t this just shout Mexico??? I am itching to do another layout…but supper guests tonight and well I really should clean up all the plaster and dust in the family room. Desert is all figured out. 🙂 I didn’t catch the garage visitor yet…maybe he has a peanut allergy..hehe

…it should say JUST at the top…hmm love my scanner but it always scans just shy of 12 inches.

thanks for looking…


5 thoughts on “MEXICO

  1. love that overlay. nice pics too, i never take enough of the abstract architectural type stuff when I’m on vacation. We’re always so rushed, so much to do. I guess I need longer vacations.

  2. I love this LO of Mexico. When Darren and I went I scrapped it but it was my first album and I butchered the pictures with scissors (and NO, I will not post these!)
    I wish I had some nice LO’s of our trip like you do 😦

  3. Hey Kelly, why not lift off a few pictures (not the butchered ones), and do a Maxico page. The flowers, stamps and overlays – and all the tropical paper are so wonderful. And yes I think you should post those first ones – the challange to post our first layout went out to anyone!

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