computer woes

It has been one of those days. Should have just stayed home and done a few pages. I lost my Internet last night around 9 pm! Need I say more!! I spent at least two hours trying every possible fix is to no avail. The problem seems to be in the cables to my computer, one of which runs clear across the house – inside the walls! But why it decided to stop working while I was on Two Peas I don’t know!! Anyways a trip to OTV to buy some connectors didn’t solve the problem – neither did a long distant daytime call to my computer genius son….I tried everything he said. So I have disabled the network system in the basement and I have internet coming directly into my office through the tv cable- no network, no router – just raw internet just for me. Why not, I pay for it! The kids won’t be to happy when they get home to discover they don’t have Internet to all their computers, but SOMETHING had to be done! This is serious stuff! Wow it felt so good to see the Google page upload and no error message…am I dependent here?

A trip to Home Depot this am to get oak floor boards was frustrating – half of Saskatoon was there and three tills open and I was trying to maneuver with 8 feet of oak. Oh brother!! So here it is 2pm and I have not got a lot accomplished ( i now have internet though) and I have some studying to do for work tomorrow so I will know what I am doing (Health Dept stuff – not Just Scrap It – the only studying I do for Just Scrap It is scrapbooking haha)

Okay a couple more pages of Mexico…

the picture isn’t so dark in real. This was a favvvorite night for us on our Mexico trip…well they were all pretty fantastic!
stamps, stamps and more stamps – so much fun!

5 thoughts on “computer woes

  1. These are truly amazing layouts can I maybe slip some of my pictures in your pile to scrap for me?

    No? I had to try. THanks for some very inspiring work.

  2. Julie, I love the colors, and I love the pages! I always like what you do with your trip albums. You amaze me with your colors and combinations! Can’t wait to see more!

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