last wedding page

Well I have internet access now after loosing it again – it seems my computer was configured for the network here at home and ..well… remember I disconnected the network to get internet access…my computer got confused “where are all the other computers I am supposed to be connected to – I lost my friends” I told it to get over it – we were a lone team right now! It secumbed. The kids won’t be too thrilled when they get home and have to physically reset up the network and reconfigure the computers…maybe it is time for remote access. No more wires getting in the way. Does anyone have remote? Is it slower? I really don’t want slower.

Here is another wedding page – the last one I put in the album before sending it off to Victoria to the newlyweds. I think everyone is happy with the album. Sigh. It was a lot of work but so enjoyable. Hope it is treasure in many years to come. 🙂

It has been a very long day! I started working this am in the three Emergency departments and they were all really busy. I assess the elderly in Emerg for home care needs when they are discharged (not my usual job – just filling in) It is quite interesting but sometimes there are a lot of them to see and communication can be difficult at times. It was sooo busy today. Don’t know why – maybe people were waiting for all their Easter guests to go home before showing up really sick. I figured – no problem, just get through the eight hour shift and enjoy my slow evening shift at the scrapbook store….well you wouldn’t believe how busy we were tonight. But it was fun and everyone seems to be getting back into scrapbooking after many months off – so that is exciting. Spring fever? I don’t know but there were so many people in the store and in the crop room scrapbooking. It was a buzz of activity! I am running on overdrive right now….really lacking sleep. Got to go to bed.

Thanks for looking!


9 thoughts on “last wedding page

  1. this page is beautiful!!! (just like the rest of the wedding pages)
    What a beautiful gift to treasure! I hope you made a copy for yourself.

  2. I love all your wedding pages. I am currently trying to do my son’s wedding album and I can only dream of producing the kind of pages that you have. I especially like the overlays. I have never used them, but hopefully I can try this out at the upcoming scrapbook weekend. I really admire your talent and love all your pages.

  3. gee, thanks Liz! Anytime you want help with the wedding pages come on in on a Wed night – that’s when I am usually at the store – I would love to help out (if there isn’t a line up at the till. :)Please feel free to scrap lift any of the pages – just ask and I am more than willing to tell you what I did and used.

  4. Julie, “Who gives this woman” is one of my favourite pages in the whole wonderful album. I just had to wipe away a few tears when I came across it here on your blog. Can’t tell you how thrilled we all were to have a chance to see the album when the kids were here. What a great Easter treat for us! Love, the mother of the bride…

  5. So happy you like the album and this too is one of my favorite pages – happens to be the last one I did – just wanted a special page for the bride and her Dad. One of my other favorite pages is ‘the perfect day’. I love the look of joy on Allie’s face! I wanted it to be from her perspective – her ‘perfect day’ and i think it was.

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