scrapbooking fever!

Another busy night at the store – so many people excited about scrapbooking – it’s like scrapbooking fever at JSI – what fun!!! Here is a page I got done on my day off. Looks like I won’t be getting too much done for the next few days though with my work schedule into the weekend…but hey someone has to pay for the new kitchen floor..hey I will try to take some before and after shots of the kitchen reno.
This is my sweetheart getting me a refreshment in Mexico – we had such fun! This layout has some neat stamps on the edges but the scan bit them off! It says Cheers at the bottom.
Thanks for looking.


3 thoughts on “scrapbooking fever!

  1. Hey Julie. Love the layout out. Two questions for you, what are the diamond shapes made of and what is the word cheers made of? More of your secret stash from home?

  2. Hi Brit – the “cheers” yup from my stash, but the diamond – wow they are from the new fancy pants stamps -aren’t they cool? Too bad the scanner cut off most of it but if you look close the diamonds have script running through them – I will definately be using them again soon.

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