Busy week!

Hey – busy week – working a 40 plus hour week here…renovations make saying yes to extra shifts kind of easy. I am enjoying this phase of life when my kids – although 3/4 of them are at home, are all really busy with work, school and social outings. They don’t seem to notice that I am not home..until we run out of milk. I did manage three pages over the past few days and a project for the store – stop in and check out the front counter for our creations – we will be doing classes. Brittany and Laura did an awesome job on their chipboard books! So here are the pages…

Hidden journalling reads Relax dear….David seems to always be saying this to me. When he wanted to get away for a romantic trip for just the two of us to a Mexican resort…well you would think I would jump at the opportunity after so many years at home looking after and home schooling four children ~but not me. Even with the kids almost all grown up I was having trouble separating from house and home – especially so far away. Who would look after things if something happened? I thought of every excuse but David eventually got me on the plane and to the resort. It was so relaxing just to breathe the ocean air but I still felt uneasy until out first telephone conversation back home to them. Crazy eh? But Mexico was wonderful of course and I can not imagine a more relaxed atmosphere – all the pampering made me feel guilty though. There I go again- I just could not kick back and enjoy!! Okay, here is a picture David took of me one morning after breakfast. I look pretty relaxed! Mexico does that to you! I need to go again!

Journalling reads Mayan Riviera Sunrise. Yup got up at 5:45am for this picture and a few more. I have always been an early riser.

And of course a sunset – but this one was taken close to home. Journaling reads…Summer Sunset. haha just kidding – used my new Technique Tuesday letter stamps – just arrrived – oh my, I wanted one of every one…but since Deb already bought one of every one I thought I had better leave some for the customers. hehe They are going fast! Check em out!

Thought for the day …
Therefore be followers of God, as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us, and has given Himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor.Eph 5:1-2

Blessings to you all,

7 thoughts on “Busy week!

  1. Great LO’s Julie. I love the one of you in Mexico. When Darren and I went to Mexico I never could get up early enough to catch a sunrise … kinda regret it now after seeing your picture!
    I wanted to go again this year but couldn’t leave the kids and the thought of taking them with wasn’t quite the relaxing getaway I had imagined…

  2. Hi Kelly – I could not leave my kids either..that is why it took David 25 years to get me away out of the country – we did weekend get-aways – always a phonecall and less than two hours away from home though. It’s okay, these are precious years and they will fly by! You are in those years when vacation means camping or family reunions! :)..and that’s just fine!

  3. I love all your vacation layouts. It’s awesome that you are able to scrapbook them so soon after your trip. I’m 3 vacations behind. Not that i’ll stop going away just to catch up, that would be silly.

  4. great photo your husband took Julie. Enjoy more trips together, you deserve it. (isn’t it so much fun taking these sweet trips with our husbands.

  5. I love the layouts and don’t know when i will be able to leave rhys! i can barely leave her at home with joey to get groceries let alone a trip away!! maybe in 20 years or so!

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