A couple more pages

A couple more pages and then I have to take a break from scrapbooking and get some stuff done around the house – the list of have to’s is growing! And I promised Allison we would go shopping for grad shoes today. I love the fullness of my days but sometimes I feel overwhelmed – so much to do, so much I want to do and sooo little time. Oh if I didn’t have to sleep.

Okay – two new pages. This first one is of the ocean in Hawaii – a little different than the beach shots – this was one powerful sea we watched for about half an hour – wow. Try double clicking on the page to see the colors in the ocean. The ocean is one powerful force to be respected!

This next photo I took this winter. I had a little fun with stamps on this page! The journalling reads…You may see a blurry train here, but I took this picture because it reminded me of an early prairie morning. Waiting at the train crossing on a cold winter morning, I had dropped Allison off at school and the sun was just coming up. It was another beautiful morning and I had my camera. So what you really see here is an old farm fence, last year’s dead growth just starting to feel the morning sun, staunchly standing despite the fierce winter, and the sun filling the sky. Here is the beauty of creation, tranquil and steady despite a few tons of locomotion passing through.
January, 2007

Great news – David has a conference in Halifax and I get to tag along!! I am soo excited. I have not been east of Toronto. I have signed up for two tours – Peggys Cove – an all day tour including lunch. And a guided tour, by a fellow in a kilt, through old Halifax – heritage buildings and all – I will take a thousand pictures. Do I need more than 2 Gb of disk space??? Could use that wide angle lens I didn’t buy because I redecorated my computer/scrapbooking room. I will resist. Looking forward to some fun time scrapbooking these pictures. Will I ever finish scrapbooking Hawaii? Mexico? Still on the year 2000 in the kids albums. YIKES!

Todays thought…
Know therefore today, and lay it to your heart, that the LORD is God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other. Deu 4:39

Have a wonderful day everyone…and leave a comment!


6 thoughts on “A couple more pages

  1. Hi Julie,
    Your life sounds so much like mine.
    So much to do, but so little time -I often say to my husband – too bad we have to sleep!!
    But my sustaining thought is “better busy, than bored”. The past few days I have put my photos on one side to do house cleaning – that has its own satisfaction, now I will be back to doing more photos.
    I look forward to reading your blog, and love watching your photos. I need all the inspiration I can get these days.

  2. 2 gb the way you take pics…I’m not sure Julie. That will be a fun trip and more great travel pages will follow no doubt.

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