Great Day – I love spring!

What a great day – but I am really tired. Busy, busy! Up early to get a few things done around here, dog out for a run…even did some exercise in the park myself, then drove Allison to school, grocery shopping, home to get a few things ready for supper tonight. I am cooking a turkey supper with all the trimmings. Mark leaves for the Canadian Forces base in Shilo Manitoba Friday and I wanted to have a big meal for him before he left…also send him on his way with 8 turkey sandwiches. We won’t see him until late July…sigh. One day your little ones will leave the nest too.Thank you Laura for picking up my Just Scrap It shift tonight! So everything is in the oven as I type..will put the vegys on soon but they are all ready and oh man does it smell good in here..almost like Thanksgiving.
I spent an hour in the front garden today too – filled a couple of large bags full of leaves etc from the garden and grass. Look’n good! My tulips are up but they look a little spindly this year. I had over 100 last year. Maybe this is a rest year. Still early…or is it? Spent a few hours working on Allison’s grad book. I sure do enjoy having a day off! I love the productive day I had but I will likely be in bed by 8pm tonight.

Here are two new pages I did a few days ago. One of our favorite treats in Mexico was ordering ‘dos cerveza por favor’ at lunch. Two beer on a hot day while feeling the ocean breeze on your face – well it feels pretty good…especially when you are with your sweetheart. Used up some stuff from my stash too! I love this picture. There were always orchids on the table. Took this with my lensbaby!

Journalling reads … It is a wonderful thing when you share special pleasures with your life mate. Oh how we so looked forward to lunch at the Grill restaurant. We always waited until a table overlooking the ocean was available. One of our indulgences while in Mexico was to order “dos cerveza por favor”. We would order our shrimp cocktail (served in a coconut shell) and two Corona (dos cerveza), and just sit and enjoy looking at one another. Ya sounds kind of mushy, but Mexico does that to you – and we LOVE it! Then we would leisurely order something from the grill – pork, hamburger, maybe a salad. It was all so delicious! It was soooo relaxing. Not a care in the world. We would finish our leisurely lunch and head back to our lounge chairs by the ocean to sun bathe the afternoon away and discuss what was on the agenda for tonight’s gourmet meal and entertainment.

This next layout has a picture of the view from our balcony. We were on the fourth floor and on the corner so we had a 180 degree view. I am not one for balconies but loved looking out on the ocean, especially when the sun was coming up at 6:00am. Rub ons and stamps and some old labels for this Beautiful View.

Hey I thought I would add a few pictures from last Saturdays mornings walk with David. We love to walk to A J’s on Central Ave …because they make the best cup of coffee in the world and Bonnie and Darcy are terrific. Just don’t sit in the comfy chairs by the window between 8:30 and 9:30 on a Saturday morning…that’s where David and I sit!!! When you go, say Julie (from Just Scrap It) sent you. BTW the cocoa, mocha latte with whipped cream is sooooo wonderful!!

And a few pics of our demolition project in the family room – removing the bar/sink/cupboard. BTW I have a Frigidaire gas stove, fridge, Maytag dishwasher and stainless steel sink for sale. 🙂 that’s the kitchen project which is on the go right now.

Thats our pastor in brown(far left) …supervising you know, Larry in the middle doing all the work, and Mark playing with Larry’s cool tools! And you can see the wall behind Mark – my patch that hole and get the wall ready to be painted brown like the rest of the wall. It actually turned out quite well. Oh and David – yes he was in on the project too…Larry’s assistant! and refreshment provider.

Last Saturday I spent 10 hours – yes ten hours! in the basement going through the storage room and cleaning, tossing, organizing, and making a garage sale pile – more like a “hey if you want it, it’s yours” pile. Also washed the carpets in two rooms down there. It feels so good to get to these projects – get them done. Kind of a workout too! So now the garage if full of stuff..but it is closer to getting out of the house! One third of the storage room is Marks military gear – oh, my they have a lot of stuff and you wouldn’t believe how heavy it is. Next time you see a picture of one of our finest soldiers, take a look at his vest – yes his vest alone weighs about 30 pounds…and add under that a 20 pound bullet proof vest – how do they wear that in the heat and dust of Afghanistan! Let’s pray for our soldiers serving in Afghanistan tonight okay?

This is long enough.

Today’s wisdom…
Proverbs 13:4 “The soul of the sluggard desires and has nothing; but the soul of the hard worker shall be made fat.”

I am feeling fat and it feels good! I will sleep well tonight.

Have a blessed evening!



4 thoughts on “Great Day – I love spring!

  1. wow you are one busy lady.
    Shilo is only 15 to 20 minutes away from brandon (my home town). I have been there many times to golf!!

  2. OOh, blogger let me comment today 🙂 I guess its been awhile since I’ve left a comment. I love your pages..your’s and Pam’s style have to be my favorites. I was hoping you could post the picture of the layout you showed me in the store..the one where you used the vellum as a pocket to put cards, etc. in. The one in the wedding album.

  3. Hey Julie, I love these LO’s – you always highlight the picture and that is my favourite part – especially the balcony picture!

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