Mahalo Saskatchewan Scrapbookers

Mahalo, thank you Saskatchewan scrapbookers for a fun filled two days. What a great time!

Can anyone guess what this is a picture of?
Take your time…this is a toughy! well maybe it is easy for some of you…

Okay, here is a hint!
It can be tastefully used with some of these….

here’s the giveaway clue!

Okay what goes better with a day of scrapbooking than chocolate! mmmmmm and some healthy fruit to dip into it. Are we enjoying this treat? I think so! Darcy will demonstrate…

Now that was fun!!

Lorraine and Dawn looking Hawaiian!

Corinne, Heidi and Keli all smiles!

Dawns corner is very tropical…and what! more food? Is anybody scrapbooking here?

Okay so we are getting some pages done.
Can’t wait to see all the pages entered in the competition!
Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will upload the coconut cup pictures. WOAH!!

4 thoughts on “Mahalo Saskatchewan Scrapbookers

  1. Julie you did a super job on many levels but love your photographs. I hope you won’t mind my snitching them for use (with rightful credits given of course).

    I am so glad you got the chocolate folds – I have a layout in mind for that one.

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