Hula Ladies

Well as promised, (sorry I am a day late) I am posting the coconut shell pics…and a few others!

Yup! Thats right. A Rusty Pickle between two coconuts. Such stylish staff!
Amanda with her dressed up cow…sorry Amanda I forget her name – but she looks smashing!

Charlene – perfect fit!

Nice seashells Darcy

Another perfect fit!??
Laura – need we say more???
Ralna keeping the chocolate volcano well supplied. VERY important job!

Brittany helping a ‘special ‘customer’

Wilna’s make and take was so much fun! What a treat to have Wilna with us for the day!

Thank you Wilna!!
Have a great evening everyone. Leave me a comment so I know you were here!

2 thoughts on “Hula Ladies

  1. I wish I could have been there for the fun. Thanks for posting that page for me. I am definitely going to scraplift it from you 🙂

  2. You know I was here…thanks for the “chocolate” comment. This weekend was a blast! They just keep getting better and better. We’ll have to get a picture of you on someone’s blog!

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