Seven random facts about Julie

Okay I never do this but fact #1 I can’t resist a challage given directly to me! Thanks Keli
#2 hmmmm I have a great husband who spoils me terribly and I LOVE it!
#3 my kids rock! really they are great! challanging at times, but great.
#4 my faith in Christ is the foundation of who I am..okay I get wrapped up in the world and to do lists and all the stuff that makes me busy, but when it is all said and done I need Him and He is there!
#5 I like Sushi and Carona – not necessarily together.
#6 I am a little obsessive about taking photos – sooo happy that digital was invented.
#7 being a stay at home Mom is the best thing in the whole world and if I had to do it all over again I would and I would home school them again too!

oh that’s seven…I guess I have to stop now
#8…get me going on a subject and I can be hard to shut up! hehe

There you go Keli

For those that missed my Mothers Day creation keep scrolling down. 🙂



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