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Well I am excited! First because I really love this layout and I had sooo much fun doing it. I think my new scrapbooking obsession is doing black and while layouts – not just the photos – the whole thing. This was so much fun. It all began as a scraplift from Laura. Check out her Totally Sweet page. I really had fun doing this. Maybe I liked it so much because it wasn’t an 8X10 photo!!! I know it is kind of busy…but then so are seventeen year old girls. haha I took this photo of them as they were heading out to the mall…after an hour of getting ready…this is an important outing. Myself, I usually just make sure my teeth and hair are brushed! LOL

Here is my How Cute page of the girls. And you know they really are cute girls! Love em!

I really wanted to add these buttons but the page was getting too full….sooo that means I will do another black and white page with them. Haven’t bought them yet and there are only a few left so I had better get in there..but check these out – sooo beautiful.

Another Mexico page -my last 8X10 photo…Reflections of Mexico.

Hidden journaling reads…
Evenings in Mexico are very peaceful, beautiful and calming. We walked down this hall most evenings. I wish you could here the water fountains below and smell the ocean air. There is so much beauty in His creation. I am continually reminded of the verse in Romans 1 “For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.” Everywhere I look I see His handiwork. His creation. I remember wanting to stop at the top of this stairway each time and just breathe in the beauty. I also remember that at the end of the evening of walking and some dancing my gorgeous new high heeled shoes were killing me! It was about here I would take them off and walk barefoot back to our room!

The kitchen renos are well under way and I am taking pictures. There have been workers in my house for two days now – no appliances for three days so McD’s, chinese take out and wing nuts. Tonight it will be burgers on the BBQ. I am thankful to have the use of my kitchen sink as of last night. It is looking fabulous. I am thrilled with the colours although I think I see a hint of green in some of the ceramic tiles and we did not want any green…been living with a green house for 8 years. But I think I can get over it with the right grout color haha kind of like scrapbooking! Wish I could get out my cats eye inks and touch them up a little. I am resisting! You will get the before and after pics soon. I have to work tomorrow and Friday with the SHR so maybe Saturday I can get some up. Although we have a few more projects lined up for Saturday. sigh!

On a more serious note, if you are a child of the King and trust in His perfect will for each of us please join me in prayer for Emily, a little girl undergoing surgery today for a brain tumor. See Kate’s blog for an update and specific prayer requests. Thanks everyone. Philippeans 4:6 says “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” What a great God we have who carries our burdens for us. All things can be taken to Him in prayer and He does provide in such an awesome way as only He can. And so even in the trials and tribulations we can find joy.

His blessings to each of you. Thanks for stopping by.



10 thoughts on “How Cute

  1. 1.) Love the b&w LO – I really like the title – did you use glossy accents on the flowers?
    2.) The mexican LO is nice, makes me want to go …
    3.) Thanks for praying for little Emily, and for the link for Kate’s blog – means a lot.

  2. Hi Julie! Thank-you SO MUCH for mentioning Emily. She came out of surgery okay and is in recovery now. They think they got the whole tumor – it was on her kidney – and they removed the kidney as well. We are still praying but I think the worst part is over. Still not sure about chemo. Again, THANK-YOU!!!

  3. By the way…could you please refrain from posting such awesome LOs with such amazing product??? My hand can’t help but call JSI with my credit card in the other hand!!! Stop Stop Stop! Or maybe I should say do it more often because I got the last 2 packages of brads!!! Good for me, bad for my bank account :0)

  4. Hi Keli – yes glossy accents on the chipboard flowers – good eye!
    Hi Kate – sorry – not sure why I was thinking brain when you said kidney but praise Him that she has come through and that in this event He has drawn His people to Him in prayer and to one another that He might be glorified in all things! And you better not have taken the last of the black and white big brads because I haven’t had time to get into the store with SHR work and kitchen renos.

  5. Love the black and white LO, and I love the mexican page and colors! You rock on your trip pages!!! Been praying for Emily!

  6. Yes, I believe I got the last of the B & W and the Pink & Brown. Yeah me! You have to give me something sometimes…you know where I live!!! But now that I know Ralna is so great at taking my credit card number (I didn’t know I could do that!)…I’ll probably be a lot more efficient at ordering things as they come in. I should just hire Laura as my personal shopper:0) Hmmm. I was joking but that actually sounds like a good idea!

  7. Great pages Julie. I’m really loving your mexico pages. They’re almost enough for me to perhaps consider the possibility of maybe going back to that country one day, almost lol!


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