Kitchen Reno

As promised, the before and after pictures

These are the before photos…you can’t see that the 25 yr old countertop is lifting and the peel and stick floor tiles have gaps that are impossible to clean.

five days and several workmen in my house ALL day and …..
Here is the grand finale!

After 25 years of kids at our kitchen table in highchairs, boosters, doing crafts, school work and birthday parties…well it is kind of fun to have a small round glass table. 🙂 The kitchen sink is the new granite silicone sink – deep. I like it so far. Brushed aluminum appliances – well when the grand kids arrive and start coming for visits I may be wiping a lot of little finger prints (and loving it!)…but until then I sure enjoy the look.
Thanks for sharing the excitement with me!


ps…..For sale at really good price is all our old white appliance all in really good working order – let me know if you know anyone interested.

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Reno

  1. The “new” kitchen looks great! It was a real pleasure for Cheryl and I to be there on Saturday evening to help break it in! We had a wonderful time!
    It is good to see the before pictures side by side with the new. God is so gracious to us, and it is so good to be creative to the glory of the creative Creator!

  2. Julie, your kitchen looks wonderful. I hope one of your first meals is cooked for you so you can truly enjoy the ambience.

  3. Love it Love it Love it!!! Fantabulous baby! That’s what my hubby said about SS appliances “You won’t think they are so cool when you’re wiping them down 50 times a day because of all the fingerprints!” Hey buddy, if you’re going to shell out the dough to buy me the appliances, I’ll wipe them down 51 times with a big ole smile on my face! Congrats! Looks great!

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