I have a very exciting date today. It is a date with my scrapbooking supplies! I am particularly interested in checking out…in lots of detail…my new Autumn leaves clear stamps “word flourishes”. rhonna farrer you rock!
btw – four of the word flourishes came into the store yesterday and there was only one left at 5pm last night..but lots of other gorgeous ones. Check out the Just Scrap It blog and pick up that phone!

My sweetheart informed last night with with a very sad face that he would have to spend time at the office doing some work for an organization he volunteers for. “But this is the long weekend dear” I complained half heartedly while my brain schemed about what I would do while he was away…hmmm while the husband is gone….I was up at 5am this morning getting ready for my date…coffee on, tidy up the desk, sort the photos, check out a few blogs and websites for inspiration…my challenge to myself…finish all these vacation photos and get back to scrapping the kids photos….I am in the middle of the year 2000!! Oh yes and I do have to finish that project for Allison’s graduation…Coffee cup is empty. Time to refill and get going here…hope to post a few layouts tonight!

…and the kitchen is clean..amazing how a new kitchen just seems to look after itself!



One thought on “Date!

  1. A woman after my own heart…it’s amazing how much scrapping can get done in an empty house:)
    My friend and I are in the midst of planning our 3rd annual “scrapbook week” this summer. We go somewhere (usually in the mountains) for a week and do nothing but scrap, watch movies and talk/fellowship (with an occasional run to a supply store). We’re at the point now where we need to start scrapping our scrap trips…it’s such a great way to fellowship and let some creativity loose at the same time:)

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