Date results

Well what a great date – we played and created for over six hours yesterday! hehe I also made home made cinnamon buns in my convection oven after rising the dough in the warming oven – amazing what you can discover if you actually read the instructions – all two booklets!!! My oven actually has a bread mode – stick it in the oven press “Bread” and the convection oven does the rest. Went bowling with the family and a few of Allison’s friends – boy did they appreciate those cinnamon buns!!!
Well this is it for Hawaii pictures…journalling on first layout reads…

I think the best part about our Hawaii vacation was just being together! No one was rushing off to work or school – our schedule was our own. There were no distractions of friends and phones to get in our way of just being together. While there was a TV and we did have computer access, most of our time when not on the beach or checking out shopping and tourist attractions, was spent playing games together. The favourite was Hawaiian Monopoly – the kids played this several times. We also played scrabble – Mom cleaned up! And the boys discovered the brio and a few other toys. What fun…how many years has it been since the three of them spent hours filled with imagination and zeal on the carpet of their room playing together or down the basement in the rec room at Twain drive creating something grand. Okay this was a little more sophisticated – Paul was making a video – but it was play none the less! Check out ~ the result of a few hours of fun on the floor in Hawaii.

Every aspect of this trip was a blessing. Well Allie had a cold and an exam to write – so I guess for her it wasn’t all blessing. And a few people underestimated the power of the sun and spent a couple of uncomfortable nights. But those minor glitches aside, the Browns (Beth and Trevor) had the perfect home for us and we were so thankful to have all this room to spread out and just relax. The “green” room was particularly spacious and the perfect set up for games and playing –oh to have had this kind of a room when our four were little and we were home schooling. But I don’t think they suffered any without it. J So I give thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be together as a family with our new daughter-in-law in a beautiful warm place like Hawaii, enjoying His Creation, discovering another culture, making new friends, and coming home with a tan!

Sorry about all that journalling but we all have short memories around here so in 10 years when the grandkids want to know about our family trip to HI it is there. 🙂

This was a fun fast page – used up so much really old stuff!! YEAH!

Journalling reads …double click on the photo and you can see the tourist info – most of the places we visited in Honolulu – downtown…the oops after Queens Beach? We thought we found the perfect spot on Waikiki beach – away from all the hustle and bustle of the hotel disctict – really quiet! We noticed only a few other couples there – mostly guys and a couple of gals. Read in the brochure that night that we were on the gay beach!!! LOL You know what? They were really nice people who chatted with us and didn’t seem to mind a ‘family’ on their beach, it was a gorgeous beach, not crowded. We went back three times!! 🙂

Polynesidan Cultural Center – went a little stamp crazy here, used up old paper too. Yes!!

I wasn’t going to scrapbook this photo of Honolulu and full view of Waikiki Beach from Diamond Head, but in my clean up yeaterday I came across this paper – which can only be used for a Hawaii picture right? I kind of like it!!!

And my last Mexico picture ….Scanner was giving me grief so I photgraphed it but the colours are off. The backgound is a beautiful turquoise like the Carebbean Sea

Now to get going on my photos from 2000 – the first being Mark’s 17th birthday (he turns 24 this summer!!!) Of course that will only last until I get home from Halifax with my photos of Peggy’s Cove!!! Will I ever catch up?
O my – look at the time! Got to fly! Haven’t got the music picked out for church this morning and I need to get into the shower!!!!

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  1. I’m jealous…okay, just a little bit. I got almost two pages done. Not bad for not scrapping for almost a month. Looks great!

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