What do you do when you wake up at 6am on a Sunday morning… you scrapbook! This paper came in to Just Scrap It on Friday – along with a whole bunch of other wonderful paper and embellishments. I snatched up this new line of Dance paper by Carolee’s Creations and dug out this old photo of Allison spinning – she did that a lot! This was spring of 1993. The journalling reads…You have danced since you could walk. Before that you bounced. Music has always set you to moving. When we started ballet lessons at the Fort Langley Hall – the big yellow building…well, you were so excited! Remember the little stickers on your ballet slippers? You wore your leotards all week long and loved to wear all your dresses so you could spin in them. I wish I had more pictures of you spinning in the living room, dancing to whatever happened to be playing on the radio. Off in your own joyful little world of dancers, princesses, and beautiful maidens.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Dance

  1. I so don’t ever wake up at 6 am on any morning much less sunday. Perhaps this is why I don’t get any scrapbooking done. I sleep too much. Nice page though Julie

  2. Love the page Julie. My girls twirled too — until I got dizzy. This one time, Jade spun across the room and into the cupboard. I had it on videotape. Now that I see your photo, I’ll have to see about getting it onto a photo. Love the memories — helped me to remember a few of my own. Thanx!

  3. I love all your layouts…so cute! Great job on this dance one, makes me remember my own childhood memories…

  4. I love this picture of her spinning! You find my signature font for my banner!! I love that font. Cant wait to see more layouts.

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