Nova Scotia – Peggy’s Cove

David and I arrived home from Nova Scotia late yesterday. I am still adjusting to lack of sleep, time change and having to do dishes, prepare meals and do laundry again. We had a wonderful time and should have stayed two weeks longer. Five days is not enough time to see much but I packed it in. Here are some of my photos. I will just post the Peggy’s Cove photos tonight.

Thanks for looking!


7 thoughts on “Nova Scotia – Peggy’s Cove

  1. Julie, glad to hear you had a great time out East. I loved both times I went to Nova Scotia. Did you get a chance to get to PEI at all? I love there the best!!

  2. Great photos Julie (can’t wait to see them on a page!)
    I didn’t know that you were away so i have been checking your site daily and wondering why you didn’t post anything! Now i can see why!

  3. I forgot you were going away Awesome pictures…those look like prints you would see on a wall.
    OH, and p.s. thanks for the computer works great.

  4. hmmmmm…. makes me homesick. I spent all my summers while growing up in Nova Scotia not too far from Peggy’s cove. My grampa was a fisherman. The smell of the salty air, the humidity, the fog, the pounding of the waves. The wet sand, the seaweed. Nothing like it here in Calgary. mmmm…… I will enjoy your pics. You do such a beautiful job of them.

  5. Julie,

    The photographs are absolutely amazing. From the journalling I read from your earlier page, I would think that whatever you plan to continue doing — it would be beneficial for your friends, family and admirers for you to continue in the way of photography — you definately have a gift. Looks like you had a great time.

  6. You do take great photos Julie! I especially love the one with the trail of boats leading your eye to the background (the one under the lighthouse). Normally I dread these kind of condtions for photography (fog, overcast, low light) but for these photos those conditions are what provides the misty harbour atmosphere that you’ve captured.

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