Park pictures

There is a large park across the street from us. Sam and I used to go there every morning at about 6:30 ..the sprinklers came on a 7:00am! It had two large baseball diamonds and lots of grass – great for playing fetch! About two weeks ago they started pulling out some trees. Okay I thought – must be diseased…but them more and more trees came out and soon there were what seemed to be 50 trees gone…then the baseball diamonds dissappeared and today I see all the grass has been removed….our neighbour says it is a 1 million dollar remake and a soccar field is going in. I figure spend the 1 million on potholes, broken curbs and repainting the lines on the street…and maybe some REAL crosswalks – ones that cars actually stop for. Hmmm so I took some pics…:)

Some teenagers taking advantage of the mounds of dirt piled behind the school. What a fun way to spend a summer evening!
Love warm summer evenings…really wish I could take five days off and just scrapbook! Looking at another marathon 14 hr day tomorrow 😦 But the evening is always fun at Just Scrap It!

One thought on “Park pictures

  1. Kurt and I were wondering what they were putting in there – same thought as you… thinking maybe the trees were diseased… thanks for the info!

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