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Journaling reads… Our TEEN girl ! …the sweetest TEEN in the world

Yah, I can see you on the front of a magazine – not a glamour magazine because you are too real for that stuff. You are not out to be something you are not or to impress the world. You are just you and perfect the way God made you.

And yes you have the perfect smile – not from whitened or flawlessly straight teeth, but a perfect smile because it is seen in your eyes – the window to the soul. Your smile reveals the real, pure, sweet, honest, chaste, quiet you!

First date jitters? What’s that? No issue there.

Shopaholic? Well you did go through an American Eagleaholic phase. Is it over? …saving for University now!

Beautiful lashes instantly?
I think we are getting through that phase now too. Your gorgeous sparkling blue eyes are shining through again.

WOMEN Magazine! There are very few pictures of me because I am behind the camera all the time and even fewer good pictures of me. But David caught me with our point and shoot Olympus …very relaxed one evening in Mexico!

Journaling reads ….are you ready for this?

Desperate housewife?
You bet!

Desperate for a husband who takes me to a five star resort on the Mayan Riviera where I relax after a day of lounging on the beach.

Wouldn’t that give any girl a million dollar smile? ……Ohhh yes!

And no clones!
I want him all to myself!

Ha ha…having sooo much fun on my first day off to myself in 2 weeks!


2 thoughts on “More pages…

  1. first of all Julie, you look HOT, your husband obviously stil makes your toes tingle, and i love reading about your strong relationship. It’s so worth it to go the extra mile for those that we love.

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