Bike Ride

I was up at 6:30 am this morning. It was so beautiful out. You would think I would sleep in after the two very long weeks I have had at work, but I was in bed really early last night. I wanted to get in my first bike ride of the season. I wanted to see the new walkway that just opened under the Circle Dr bridge. It took a while to convince David…
It will be a short ride I promise…didn’t work(he knows me too well)…
We’ll stop for breakfast and coffee downtown….getting close…
Really, most of the time you are gliding! ….Okay he would come.

Well it is mostly gliding (to downtown) because it is mostly down hill. 🙂 But coming back up hill after poached eggs, fruit and coffee was a little bit of a challenge for both of us. He just kept telling me to pick the most direct route. 🙂 We travelled almost 12 miles and we were biking well over an hour averaging 8.1 mile/hr. I love this little techno thing on my bike that tells me everything. And it is so accurate. BTW I have a bum that is a tad sore and I am not sure David will be game for another long ride for a while. Next time I will have to go solo. Who else gets up as early as me?

It was pretty quiet at 7:15 in the morning (I wonder why). We were standing looking out over the new walkway and I was getting ready for a shot when out of nowhere without any warning came a swarm of bikers – over 50 of them. Photo op!!

The mighty Saskatchewan River and our resident Pelican. I wander where her buddy was today? That is Royal University Hospital in the background.

It has been a very fun and relaxing day. A loooong bike ride, some photos, two layouts and a third on the way. I love it! The kitchen is a mess, my bed isn’t made and the closet is full of dirty laundry!

Thought for today… Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! Psa 90:17



3 thoughts on “Bike Ride

  1. no early morning bike rides for this chicken, lately I’m just heading to bed when you’re getting up. My clock is all wrong.

  2. I would join you if I lived in S’Toon – but for now, you may need to go solo – looked like it was fun though!

  3. I did not realize that it is open. cannot wait to go on a trek down there! but I also will not be joining you that early Julie! But have fun!

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