Family Life!

Another fun layout using the overlays …Just Scrap It is sold out of all but the “GO magazine for active men” .. but more have been ordered and are on their way! Or make an 8X10 of your favorite guy.

Journalling reads…” The family that PLAYS together, STAYS together. That’s for sure – and we are a family that loves to play…whether it is just horsing around, card games or board games we do like to spend time together. Everyone knows how to play bridge – not hard to get a foursome going in our house!

This photo was take in July 2005. I am scrapbooking it July 2007. I love how the boys are having fun, Allison is laughing at them and Harold is amused but doesn’t want to be part of anything physical today. Melina can always capture the emotion, the joy, the happiness in our family pictures.

I love my kids! They are terrific – every one of them! Each so special in there own unique way! Our FAMILY LIFE is really wonderful!”

Thanks for looking,

5 thoughts on “Family Life!

  1. Thanks Pam. Actually, 2005 is rather recent in my scrapbooking chronology. I am trying my best to get the summer of 2000 scrapped. I have been distracted with the overlays! But it’s back to the year 2000! So glad I kept all my calendars or I would be in big trouble figuring out dates. …until Allison’s grad pics arrive. will I ever catch up?

  2. Like I told you this morning when you dropped them off,I love them. I didn’t even know there was a Family Life one. Duh.

  3. I like the Family Life overlay. The picture goes really well with it. It looks like an actual magazine cover to me…It looks like a cover you would see on the Lifestyle magazine you get at Sobeys.

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