Family Reunion

Checking in from Coney Island, Kenora Ontario. We have made the 12 hr drive, the 20 min boat ride, unloaded everything but the kitchen sink, figured out who is sleeping where and have reconnected with 40 in-laws, and figured out which of all these kids belongs to which of David’s brothers. It is hot – haven’t been down to the beach yet. The music is playing, the bar is open and meal planning has begun. The kids are veging in front of the TV – Grandma has more Videos than our local Video store. We have seven in our cottage and Mark will join us from Shilo MB tomorrow night. Fun – and a little crazy for me. Glad they are all old enough to help themselves to food.

I have taken about 30 pictures so far and I am look forward to some good ones on the beach tomorrow…or perhaps this evening. If I can figure out if this laptop can take a card rerader I will upload a few tomorrow.

Weather is perfect!


2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. I hope you are having fun, I love the area you are in, I grew up there and enjoy my yearly visit to Kenora ON. I hope the rest of the trip is fantastic. I can not wait to see your family.

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