Summer 2000 layout

Another layout of the summer of 2000. Hard to believe that crew in the boat are the same gang jumping in my banner (plus a new daughter in law). David took all the kids fishing one quiet summer morning. I likely was cleaning the cabin and not sleeping in. 🙂 Allison caught a small perch. She remembers! I have actually added a few more rub-ons to this page since scanning it.
ps – for a very thought provoking and humbling perspective on the death of Christ. click here From Life out Loud….Remembering the Cross, Vividly! Feel free to leave a comment – this is a great blog run by a group of wonderful ladies – worth putting on your reader.


4 thoughts on “Summer 2000 layout

  1. Simple page, perfect paper and color! And I love the picture of you guys trying to lift your feet off the ground. Too funny. Lookin’ like you and David are needing a trampoline.

  2. Time sure flies, hey Julie. I know I will look back on these times and wonder where all the time went. Laugh at the DIY haircuts and the potty training hassles. I am learning to cherish these times, get my camera and chill. Because life goes by so fast.
    Love the layout of pictures 7 years ago. They are really great!

  3. Simple and nice layout. The pictures have a nice flow to them…

    I’ve scraplifted a few of your wedding layouts!! Thanks for the ideas…where did you get your inspiration for the wedding album you did?

  4. Angie – wedding layout inspirations came from all over – twopeasinabucket is a favorite place to visit but of late the gals at JSI have been my inspiration. Sharon always has a new idea!

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