I do hope all the Saskatoon people are enjoying this wonderful thunder storm – summer isn’t summer without a few ‘shake the house’ crashing bangs. I am amazed the electricity is still on. 🙂

So no scrapbooking by candle light tonight. Another page catching up on the summer of 2000. A team from John MacArthur’s church in California spent an inspirational 10 days (I think) with us. We met for fellowship in our garage Sunday morning, had fun at the Berry Barn, spent our mornings on the deck praying and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was busy and fun.

Using the new Basic Grey Mellow line here, the new white gel pens at Just Scrap It and some old rub-ons.
Thanks for looking!

2 thoughts on “fellowship

  1. You are certainly a very creative soul. on the occasion as well. In fact is the medium of choice she uses for most school projects. It is a wonderful bonding experience for us as I tend to learn a lot about her as a person (likes, dislikes, dreams and the like). We have a wonderful time sipping coffee, passing the glu stick and reminiscing about days past and the moments caught on the camera. We have loads of the books on a shelf and pull them out often to remind ourselves of the gifts that have been brought into our lives. (PS she is 15 now and I cherish every moment we have together).

  2. Julie, I always love your layouts – and you are right – Basic Grey is the best. I wish I could have 2 of every paper they made.
    Oh, and that storm was scary! I was in Saskatoon (chocolate buffet – which they cancelled as of June 30 by the way) and there was so much water and lightening. It was crazy!

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