Farmers Market and "The Flu"

David and I visited the Farmers Market this weekend and besides the great fresh produce, the sidewalk entertainment was worth a 30 minutes listen. Five young high schoolers called “The Flu” (because they are catchy???)were set up and playing jazz – and they were good! The crowd was really into them and the bills were being tossed into their open guitar case – good for them! One wasn’t actually a high schooler – I think the double bass player was in grade seven – and he was fun to watch – the crowd were calling for a solo from him…and he obliged – wow. His nose was just not big enough to hold up his sunglasses and they kept sliding off his face…but when he grows into them, if he keeps this up, he will be a star in Saskatoon. So here are some photos of our morning…

I haven’t done any scrapbooking for over a week. Besides full time plus hours at work, I have been spending every spare moment working on a coffee table book for my parents 60th wedding anniversary. It has been a labour of love…hours of it, but it is done and off to the publisher and I know they will love it. The next book is of our Coney Island family reunion – much easier – my pictures and no text – yeah! – just great memories of our time together. It will go to publisher in a week. In the meantime I have to get Allison off to collage on the long weekend and Mark and all his belongings off to Brandon – I guess we will u-Haul it there since we don’t have a truck. πŸ™‚ He needs furniture for his duplex he is renting…and a long list of other stuff. Then it is off to Victoria to the anniversary celebration …and then it is October! πŸ™‚

I do hope to stop in at Just Scrap It and buy those beautiful Christmas stamps that just came in. Then I will have to do a Christmas page!



3 thoughts on “Farmers Market and "The Flu"

  1. No pictures – it is digital – see my post with a link to the web site – and let me know if you were able to see the book – also if you click on each page you can read the text better. πŸ™‚

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