Victoria Pictures

Just got home from 5 days in Victoria for my Mom and Dad’s 60th wedding anniversary. It was wonderful and a great time of being together with family. Way too much food! I am so glad we were all able to be there (there are 6 children) and most of the spouses were able to be there as well. We had fun!

David and I stayed at a wonderful B&B (Dee’s B&B)- the only way to go…unless you are in Mexico then is is all inclusives! This B&B is right on a golf course that has a wide bark mulch path that goes all around the course – a good 1 hour walk. David and I walked every morning after a very filling and delicious breakfast.

7 am sunrise on a foggy golf course.
This photo I took early one morning – up for the sun rise. It was very foggy and the golfers were out there even in the fog – kind of funny. The golfers below have their pant legs tucked into their socks.

David and I love Sushi – really good authentic Sushi. We found THE place in Victoria on word from a Japanese fellow my son works with. What fun! I was so busy eating I forgot to take pictures of all the pretty pieces. Ebizo Sushi was the perfect place to spend David’s birthday – he loved it. We went with our son Paul and my brother and his wife.

And of course there were two trips to the Gelato bar downtown- oh, oh my how to choose from the 40 different flavours!! I had Grand Marnier and Sklok (tastes like a Ferera Roche chocolate) and I had coconut and tirimisu the second time. mmmmmm

More Sushi on the wharf up at Sidney. Something quite wonderful about sitting outdoors looking at the ocean eating Sushi, deep fried halibut and a cold Corona.

So yes we ate a lot – got in the walking but ate a lot and so today I joined a fitness club – yup forked out the money and am committed to getting these eight pounds off and getting some abs back!! I am terribly out of shape and enough is enough!

I came home with 276 photos – and about 200 of them are really printable…..they will have to get in line with all the other photos for scrapbooking! Still working on Christmas 2000 – been oh so busy for the past month!

Thanks for letting me share. I will try to get a page up soon but I got to work to pay for all this Sushi!! 🙂




6 thoughts on “Victoria Pictures

  1. I don’t know which I prefer, your photographs or your scrapbooking. Most of your photographs can stand on their own as works of art. But, then you add your embellishments and “voila” — amazing to look at. Thank you Julie!

  2. I love the foggy photos (well, all of the photos) – but the foggy ones just tell you what it was like at that moment. Silent. Awakening. New-day-starting. Love it.

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