Christmas layout and other stuff

Got another Christmas page finished last week but only uploading now.

I am sooo busy that I don’t have time or am not organized enough to make any lists so all the stuff I need to do just bounces around in my head confusing and frustrating me. Does this happen to you? And sometimes make you feel overwhelmed? My window of opportunity to get them done is wasted on frivolous stuff (like sleep LOL) and then I get all frustrated when I remember I have to get something done and soon!!! I do know tomorrow morning (which I have off work yeah!) will be spent at home as we get a new water heater installed – ouch! but yes we knew it was coming and we are looking forward to hot showers again! 🙂 I hope to catch up on reading all your Blogs while the tank is installed…okay and some laundry too.

You just have to stop in at Just Scrap It! Sharon and I went crazy on Saturday finding places for all the thousands (it felt like that many…maybe it was!) of new Jolees that have come in – and tons of other stuff – like Basic Grey chip board and rub ons – way too cool! and their buttons and ribbon which I really have to use soon. So the store got a little but of a makeover and Sharon and I had a blast. We were literally running all day until we ran out of hooks to put them on – then it was clean up mode. It was oh so busy in there on Saturday and Sharon still had a basket full of Jolees to find a home for on Sunday…and find hooks for. Can’t wait to see where they all ended up Sharon. LOL

Fun new album idea! ~ I made this little clear plastic album. It started out as a bit of a chore until I got the hang of it (thanks for the challenge Ralna 🙂 ) It was actually fun. You have to think thru each page and the pages surrounding it because they all add to the overall view, but makes for an interesting and fun look. Double sided embellishments and die cuts as well as MM paint works very well.So here are a few pics. We have these books all ready to assemble in Just Scrap It! This book is there too so come on in for ideas.

Try clicking on the photos to get a better picture.




6 thoughts on “Christmas layout and other stuff

  1. You guys did an awesome job on the weekend!!! WOOT! Glad Saturday was my day off. I did Jolee’s the last two times, hee, hee. Looks great, all the new themed sections.

  2. It is a kit made by Just Scrap It! That’s our store. We have a die cut machine that can cut out various pages in a variety of materials so you can make a custom book with different shaped pages. Kind of cool. We can cut out chip board pages too! This one happent to be heavy clear pages. You interested in one?

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