Military pages

These layouts are posted for Joanne a mother and wife in Edmonton whose husband will soon be going on tour in Afghanistan. I am looking forward to Joanne getting her blog up and running with pages of her husbands experience overseas with the Canadian Armed Forces. Buy the best digital camera you can for him Joanne and have him send those photos home regularily!

Mark’s journalling reads….

Before I came to Pakistan I thought that I would leave here having an extremely rewarding experience. As time wore on I began to think more and more that the rewarding experience would escape me. I would do my shift, eat then sleep. As the weeks went on, days would blur, every day being the same as the last except the noticeable difference in sunlight and temperature, escaping camp a few times to go for a brief walk through the small town.

My big opportunity finally came for that experience that I wanted so much. I was asked if I would like to join one of the mobile medical teams going up into the mountains. Of course my heart leapt for the idea and I said, “Yah sure, that would be great.” trying not to act too excited. This was my big opportunity! The night before I made sure all my kit was ready to go; preparing as if for a grand adventure. And it was!

The next morning brought some small delays, but none of that dulled my enthusiasm, which I did not hide as well as I would have liked. We made it to the airfield by 10 am and within 15 min we were flying high over Garhi Dupatta. We were dropped at a village called Toki Shekhan. After the initial welcoming crowd had dispersed, there was a peaceful quiet, one without generators, horns and traffic. Within an hour we had selected a set up spot for our mobile clinic and began seeing people from the local area. I began that morning doing triage of sorts, getting the names, ages, and complaints of the people coming, and moving the serious cases to the beginning of the line. The local ‘mayor’ was of tremendous help in this regard. He knew every person there by name.

We were also accompanied by our Pakistani soldier for security. Private Sultan had previously fought in the Kashmir region against India. The gun he is carrying is an MP5, 9mm.

I will try to get to Marks album and scan a few more pages as soon as I can. You know, one day Lord willing, Mark’s children will read this and look at these pictures.
THIS is why we scrapbook!


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  1. Sorry Julie, I always intend to leave a comment but my computer takes forever to load the blogger comment box. Sorry:) But I do LOVE your blog. It always makes me laugh and smile. Thanks for sharing.

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