Military layout

Journalling reads…

Sunday October 15th 2005
At this point we were at CFB Trenton waiting to leave. There was a lot of media there, and with all the hype I think most of us were excited and ready to go. Our first stop was Glasgow, Scotland and then on to Croatia. From there it was a day in UAE at camp Mirage – no photos allowed unfortunately!

Wednesday October 19th
When we arrived in Islamabad they had a huge meal all laid out for us. It was some unknown meat and rice along with a few other things. It was very tasty We were not expecting such a nice meal and thought it was going to be rations as soon as we got into the country. We would get them soon enough.

We slept in the parking garage of the Canadian High Commission during our first stay in Islamabad. It was hot, stuffy and loud which made it difficult to sleep, but no one was complaining because of all the good food we were being fed. We were so tired that we just wanted to get some sleep. After five hours going through customs in the middle of the night the night before and a very busy day of briefing, we were functioning on only a few hours sleep.


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