next military layout

Journalling reads….
Canadian Press
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Islamabad — Just getting to their camp in mountainous Kashmir may be the greatest challenged faced by Canadian soldiers on a humanitarian relief mission to this earthquake devastated country.
The main part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team – DART – was heading out at dawn Thursday through a series of rugged mountain passes to a camp in Garidupata, near the epicenter of the Oct. …for the whole story look behind this page.
Mark writes…
The next day in Islamabad we were waiting for instructions and relaxing. We passed the time by playing some cards. The signals guys on the team liked to play cards whenever they got the chance.

These vehicles were part of the convoy we were in on the way up to Garhi Dupatta. In addition to these vehicles we had three tiny buses packed with people and a Pakistani Army escort. I believe one the vehicles pictured broke down on the way up and had to be later retrieved. The trip up was not pleasant. I remember feeling very nauseated. Difficult roads, turns, crazy drivers and cramped quarters made this a miserable part of our adventure.

Remember our troops today.

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