MINUS 21 Celcius!! It is cccccold here and getting colder.

Yes the forecast here in Saskatoon for tomorrow and the rest of this week, is a balmy high of minus 21Celsius – That, for all you Americans who frequent my site is minus 6 Fahrenheit. Remember water freezes at plus 32 F. The windchill – which is a measure of how cold it actually feels with the ccccccold north wwwwind, is for minus 33 C…that is minus 15 F….which I am betting, given where most of my USA site visit come from, is a temperature you have never experienced!! Come visit and you can feel it for yourselves!! It is quite the experience…than again maybe it isn’t?? We are settleing in for the Loooong cccccold dark wwwinter here.

That being said, you can now appreciate my gratefulness of my husband recently having a business meeting in Hawaii!! Yup – spent the past 10 days in PLUS 85 F most days and the sun was shining and the wind? – just a cool refreshing breeze off the ocean. Perfect weather. Why do we live in Northern Canada??? I am contemplating buying a condo in Hawaii….do I have anyone from Canada that would like to rent a month or two? Sorry December and January will be booked solid!!
Here are some of the pictures of this wonderful and relaxing vacation to help the locals feel a little warmer …

This is the Condo we stayed in – fifth floor on the beach. Listened to the waves day and night. Amazing!

Lazy warm days touring the island with the love of my life. North coast beach.

At the end of our cove, the ocean waves pounded into the lava and coral rock. It was mesmerizing and I could have sat there all day watching this incredible relentless energy force etching itself on the rocks. The sounds, smells and pounding waves are beautiful to watch.

This pretty spot was to the south of our condo

This was the view to the North

I will try to post more pictures soon…but right now I have a mini baby album to finish up and then I can’t wait to try out a few of the layouts in the new Best of Becky Higgins Sketches…..yes Laura talked me into this gem of a book (she is good at that). They arrived at Just Scrap It on Thursday and so I plan to make use of it. BTW I do believe that Laura bought one too….so be looking for a few Becky Higgins layouts on her blog!!! There! That’s what you get for raving about the book Laura!! The challenge is on!!




2 thoughts on “MINUS 21 Celcius!! It is cccccold here and getting colder.

  1. Ha Julie! I have two layouts planned, so there! You will be uber jealous…Right. I just have to actually get the things done. I’ll give you a hint…one with lots of photos, even more than your layout you finished today and Jenna’s licence page. I brought it home so we’ll see what I accomplish. 🙂

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