Winter in Hawaii

Winter in Saskatoon

Today Tonight Tomorrow Thursday Friday Saturday
Blowing snow Chance of flurries Sunny Sunny A mix of sun and cloud
Blowing snow
High: -16 ºC
WindChill: -34 ºC
Wind: SE 20 km/h
Chance of flurries
Low: -22 ºC
POP: 60 %
Wind: NE 10 km/h
Chance of flurries
Low: -21 ºC
High: -17 ºC
POP: 40 %
WindChill: -28 ºC
Wind: NW 15 km/h
Low: -26 ºC
High: -23 ºC
Wind: W 15 km/h
Low: -26 ºC
High: -16 ºC
Wind: W 15 km/h
A mix of sun and cloud
Low: -21 ºC
High: -17 ºC
Wind: W 15 km/h

soooo…remind me why I live here?


6 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Awesome pictures….God wants you to live here so you can truly appreciate what he has to offer. Think of the people that live there that don’t get to toboggan, or ski, or just watch the snow fall. They are missing out on SO much fun. And I don’t think many of those people have snow on their lists of vacation spots…lol.

    I feel the same way though…I’d love to be there for this week anyways.

  2. oh Julie I sooooo want to go back to Hawaii. We’re only just into winter and I want it to be over. Only 3 or 4 months to go. By the way angie I’m not buying that line of reasoning LOL! I think God wants me to live in Hawaii!!!

  3. Ah yes, snow…I remember when we lived in Oklahoma and it was Christmas Eve 2000. The snow was beginning to fall. Then the ice came. We went to bed and I woke up in labor. I gave birth at home on a ranch 15 mins from the nearest town. My hubby had to borrow someone’s 4×4 Jeep to get the midwife from the Highway where she had to leave her van because the roads were so bad to our house. Yep. Snow/Ice can be loads of fun! We moved back to AZ a month later! And we’re still here. However, my step sister is getting married in MT at the end of Dec. And my daughter is in the wedding. We’re driving 20 hours to Red Lodge (45 mins from Billings) the day after Christmas. It’s gonna be a white after Christmas for us!! I’ll take sunny and 70’s for Christmas most days though.

  4. Oh Laurie, thanks for sharing your story. There is something exciting about a baby born during a winter storm but I am sure at the time you had plenty of concerns. While the snow falling is beautiful and the white landscape breathtaking, the reality is that very cold temperatures, icy snow blocked roads, strong north winds and windchills in the minus 30’s are down right dangerous and deadly.

    I am thankful for a warm home, warm car (my seats are heated – yes!!, good warm clothing and yes I am thankful that we can pay the big heating bill every month. But this weather can be very hard on many people who do not enjoy these luxuries….so I am praying for them tonight and giving thanks for all He provides to protect me from the elements. Lord look after those who do not have the comforts that I have.

  5. I have to admit that I wonder the same thing about why I live here. But it makes going somewhere tropical that much more enjoyable when you do get to go!

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