Pakistan Military Layout.

Journal reads:

The local water purification facility in Ghari Dupatta was destroyed in the earthquake and the ROWPU could produce the water fast enough, but distributing it was the problem. So often the people resorted to filling up on probably contaminated water run off from the mountain. I saw this girl in green sitting there with her water jug while I was on a hike up the mountain. She was looking at us intently until I tried to take a picture of her. I noticed that females are very shy in this regard unless they are quite young. At age 10 they start taking on grown up responsibilities and learning how to do things the women do. The pot in front of her is a common way of transporting water. Typically the women of the house will go down to the river to fill these up and using a cloth doughnut on their head will place the pot on their head to carry the water. The kids on the other hand loved getting their picture taken. As soon as you pull out the camera they form these little groups.

The overloaded car is a pretty common sight in Pakistan, and this is a mild version. I saw large buses and once the seats were filled the roof would fill up and then the sides; anywhere they could hang on. Few people had vehicles, and what vehicles they did have were pretty dilapidated. Here is also a good example of a jingle truck. It is called that because of the chains that dangle from the truck make the jingle noise when the truck moves. They paint their vehicle the weird bright colors and I have heard it is because of they have a lot of pride in their vehicles. They get even more outrageous than this, with neon flashing lights. They have annoying air horns that you have to hear to believe. They are kind of like the horn on The General on Dukes of Hazard but not as musical. Jingle trucks are everywhere in Pakistan because they do not have semi’s and this is how they move all their commercial goods.

I was so glad that Mark kept a journal in Pakistan. I think there were some pretty long and boring days, so this helped pass the time. I know his children and grandchildren will one day appreciate his thoughts and experiences. This is why we scrapbook. 🙂




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