Hawaii Photo Book

I just finished my photobook on our recent trip to Hawaii. I used Shutterfly. If you want to see my book and my pictures, click here Photo Book from Julie Cortens You don’t have to have a Shutterfly account to view it, although Shutterfly is wonderful and has fantastic deals all the time. I am waiting for my Christmas cards to arrive! 🙂 They have great promo’s on photo enlargements and once uploaded they store your pictures forever.

It takes a moment to load (click on view photobook at the bottom)so be patient…you feel like it is waiting for you to sign up, but just wait and the book will open. You can look at it in slideshow mode or manually.

Thanks for looking!


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Photo Book

  1. Inspiring Julie! I still have a cd full of Hawaii pics that haven’t been dealt with! Maybe after Christmas??? I have a question for you. Do you find it easier to scrap your pictures by years or topics? I am doing an album of my daughter’s wedding and one of each of my daughter’s growing up, but I don’t know how to sort through the ZILLIONS (ok, not zillions) of pictures I still have boxed up. I’d really appreciate your wisdom on this.

  2. hi Vicki! Is this Vicki from LOL? I am sure I DO have zillions of pictures – almost 3 GB from Hawaii alone!
    I generally scrapbook chronoligically. I am just finishing up the year 2000 – about 40 pages so far – it was a busy year for us. The kids come home and page through the albums. If one day they feel the need for their own personal album then I will do one, but until then – come to Mom’s house to see it. Now when the grandchildren arrive – there will be lots of albums!

    However I do do theme albums – vacations, my son’s wedding, heritage album for my Mom and Dad, mini albums for new babies and fun weekend get aways. But generally I want to chronical our memories as a family and so they ar by year – usually two 35 page albums per year and I started in 1981 when Harold was born.

    I do like the coffee table photo albums (like shutterfly)though, because I can capture the pictures and journalling from a trip and then i just scrapbook the highlights.
    Hope this helps

  3. Julie, that does help! I can be so indecisive. It’s good to hear that you limit them to 35 pages each! Maybe if I start with 1987, when my oldest daughter was born, it won’t be so overwhelming. I’m sure I don’t have 70 GOOD pictures for each year….
    We do have about 2,000 cd pics from Hawaii. That one may have to be a bigger book……
    Thanks again for the reply. Yes, I am THAT Vicki!

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