My Poet

This was a challenging layout, not because it was to be a great scrapbooking feat, but because I wanted it to be something that Harold would one day see and know that I think he is a terrific son and a great poet and that our high school days of home schooling were really fun. And especially that I am thankful that the Lord blessed me with him. There are three of his poems on this page – and I love them all. One of them reads…

My Mother

When I describe my mother
I don’t know where to start
We both have a lot to do with each other
For starters we’re both pretty smart
We do fairly well with memorizing
And both of us are really good cooks
We’re excellent when it comes to problem solving
Inside we’re the same not just for looks
We both love to dabble in artistry
Our creative minds always active
Art seems to be our mastery
When we work on a project we always think positive
My mother and I are pretty much the same
Nothing will make us different not money nor fame

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