It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (music playing)

The tree is up along with about 40% of the decorations, there are boxes of “Pot of Gold” chocolates around (someone is into the second layer before the first is finished and breaking the rules), the mailbox is overflowing with cards from far away friends and family, Mark arrived home on Monday late afternoon and Paul and Allie will arrive at 1am tonight, Allison is home on Friday. Yup life is good – especially because of Him! I feel so blessed. Yes the days are very busy, my to do lists long, I am tired and I have lots of work days coming up, and a few things may not get done on time (David is in charge of writing the Christmas letter this year and I have all the cards ready to go with photos once he is done) but I am thankful. Life is full and busy and I am thankful. I believe He meant for our days to be full. We will be together to play some board games, prepare meals and do the dishes together – to just hang out together. God is abundantly good to us. We are blessed, not so much because He provides the things we need to be comfortable, but because He has given us Jesus Christ – and in Him is the fullness of joy that this world can never know.
It is my hearts desire to share that fullness of joy with whomever crosses my path. If you want to hear about this wonderful joy that He gives, come hang out with a gang of us in Sutherland Hall 1112 Central Ave in Saskatoon this Sunday Dec 28th at 10:00am. We can talk and share for a while (very casual!) and I will buy you lunch! Really!
We are just a bunch of people who once upon a time were disgruntled with life and trying to make things work out our way and well generally kind of unhappy because we couldn’t control all the events in our life and each of us one way or another were found by Christ. We would love Him to find you too! So come and share some time with a bunch of people who are so happy – even when life brings tragedy – because our hope and joy is in Christ. Come and ask us all about Him or just come and listen and watch. And then stay for a great lunch and lots of laughter!
Merry Christmas everyone!

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