Merry Christmas

Well it has been a very busy week at work with lots happening in Saskatoon Health Region! And while I have not had any time to bake and put excessive decoration up, the kids have been arriving this week and the house if filled with them and their stuff…and it looks very Christmas like around here, if not messy – but isn’t that what Christmas is all about and I love it…especially knowing that this too shall pass…in about a week. In the meantime I am going to enjoy just having them hang out and eat from the well stocked fridge.

Friday night we all (eight of us) went to East Side Marios to celebrate Allison’s 18th birthday – yup our baby is 18! We had lots of fun and of course the staff sang happy birthday to her (although they all looked like they would much rather get back to serving their customers!)Allison spun the wheel and we all cheered. Yahoo!!

That’s Allison friend Sammy. He is a second year students in theological studies at Briercrest and plays on the Clippers basketball team.
Then home for four hours of Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly which was lots and lots of laughs! Paul – the financial wizard won of course…but MOM came a close second….I would have won but by 11:30 pm Paul had a slight advantage – he was up at 1 pm and hung around the house all day – I was up at 6:15am and used my brain all day!

We also had Allison’s very chocolaty birthday cake. mmmmmm

Tonight we will tackle The Settlers of Catan!

Blessings to you and yours!



One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Ahah he’s not just my friend my mom 😉 he’s a lot more than that. I like the page of me and kenzie. It’s really nice. Hope everything is going well at home.
    Love Allison

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