Christmas is "forgiving"

Great message today – what a Saviour we have, how forgiven we are! What amazing grace! What joy and hope! And so how can we, who have been forgiven such an insurmountable debt, ever hold a grudge, not forgive offenses, take revenge, get back at those who offend, hurt and take from us.

We sang lots of Christmas carols this morning and my daughter-in-law played the piano – which gave David a rest from the guitar and of course Christmas carols are always better with an accomplished pianist playing rather than a guitar. …but I still love your guitar playing dear! It was fun for me to have ALL five kids with us at church today! What an added joy!

The food was great too and the fellowship the best part…. mmmm ribs, roast beef, yummy chicken, ham, salads and the desserts – just too many to choose from. It was great to spend time with all the visitors…some travelled in from Kenaston! I do hope you will come to our next big shared meal…visitors never have to bring food! I will keep you posted.

a wide angle lens would really come in handy…….Santa?

BTW – Settlers of Catan was a hit – the kids have been playing it all afternoon. I have been wrapping presents and indulging in an afternoon snooze. Got to work tomorrow(sigh) but I have left the kids with a final grocery list…I will keep you posted on the Cortens’ Clan Christmas.

Thanks for letting me share our happy times,



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