Sunrise with my sweetheart and my camera!

I have an amazing husband. He always knows just what to get me for Christmas. Last year he surpirsed me with a Lensbaby – a new lens for my camera – I love it! Very fun!! This year he surprised me with a new Velbon tripod – it does everything! fast and easily – wow! I can be set up in seconds. And he picked it out with very little help. Thank you Don’s Photo for helping this guy out…next year I will stop by and give you all a wish list. hehe

So as per my usual I was up very early this am (I won’t tell you when)- put a pot of coffee on and read a great book David and I got for Christmas from our pastor – funny thing is we bought him the very same book!! Total Church – great book – lots to discuss and talk about from this book. Anyways I have been ansy to try out my new trypod on more than just family photos in the house and thought it was shaping up to be a good sunrise this morning …a few clouds but I was hopeful they would burn off. Perhpas some nice frost in the air. I asked Mark, my 24 yr old photo enthusiast son to join me but alas he wanted more sleep – but the sun doesn’t rise until 9:15 Mark! still a no and he rolled over to pull the covers over his head.
Hmmm, maybe David would come – what a husband – sure, he said but we have to stop at Intermission House for a coffee to give him something to do in the car while I play – agreed. So out the door at 8:24am.
We arrive at my chosen spot just NE of the city, I get set up and David gets out of the car and says “make sure you get the shot along the fence dear with lots of depth of field” …LOL …I am stunned….this guy never takes pictures! I ask him ” what do you think I should set my F stop at dear?” he looks at me dumbfounded “How would I know?” …exactly my point! I didn’t actually say that – just smiled. He gets back in the car to warm up with his coffee. But I am very amused and actually excited – you see David has recently started becoming interested in photgraphy. In Hawaii he took my old Olympus point and shoot and took some very good pictures – he has a real sense of composure and actually took some very artistic and unique shots – I was impressed. So I am slowly teaching him bits and pieces about manual settings and he is actually listening and getting it.
Back out of the car again David trudges through the snow to the fence. What IS he doing???
“Try a shot from here dear” he says…I was trying to avoid getting snow up my pant legs but he IS right! I love it! So here are a few of this mornings pictures…and the sun? Did not perform. It became even more overcast. But that’s okay – God’s creation is always beautiful to behold…even when cold and icy. And I loved this time with my sweetheart!

…he was right – worth the snow up the pant leg! LOL

Thanks for letting me share!



4 thoughts on “Sunrise with my sweetheart and my camera!

  1. I guess I’m more of a sunset photographer than a sunrise photographer despite the fact sunrise is so late this time of year. I just don’t care to get out of my WARM comfy bed unless I have to. It’s a shame too because I live on the absolute eastside of the city, nothing past my backyard but countryside so i don’t have far to go. Naturally I couldn’t shoot a good sunset from home if I wanted to as I have a completely obstructed veiw.

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