Amazing Grace

I am in a bit of a scrapbooking void right now – so little inspiration…I keep staring at the photos on my desk and nothing comes. However I had time last night to just sit and make it happen and it feels like the creativity is starting to return – I know we all go through these uncreative phases. I have so many wonderful photos I want to journal about and get onto the page – so hopefully I will be productive and prolific very soon.
In the meantime I want to share this with you!
Before you start, scroll down to the bottom of my page and drop the volume of my back ground music way down – it might interfere with this video.

May you be blessed!

One thought on “Amazing Grace

  1. Hi Julie; Very interesting and what a wonderful powerful voice. Did you know that there was a move out in the last couple of years about the story of Amazing Grace and the man who wrote it. I haven’t see it, but I guess it was excellent. It was called appropriately “Amazing Grace”. I thought you might be interested in seeing it.

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