Another page!

I have been home sick today and when you can only sleep so much what do you do? You finish another page. This is a collection of pictures of Allison from the fall of 2000…and she was and still is our Totally Sweet girl! She was eleven when I took these photos and she is every bit as sweet today as she was when she was eleven – what a blessing~

Hey check out the u-tube on the left!




5 thoughts on “Another page!

  1. Julie,
    Where are you that you’re homesick? I’ve been away but now I’m back. Looking at the winter photos makes my fingers cold. It’s hard to type. 🙂 Really enjoyed all your recent posts. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. LOL, no Laurie, I am home, ……..sick, not homesick. LOL too funny. Just a little bit of an infection that I finally have antibiotics for so I am laying low…which means nothing is getting done around here but a few pages…just a tad guilty…but hey what can you do when you are home, ….sick.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon! Scrapbooking definitely helps get better 🙂 I Did the same thing this past week. I was sick too.

  4. te he he that is funny! not that you’re sick..that’s not funny. I hope the antibiotics kick in and you’re well soon.

  5. Hi Julie,

    looking at your photos of Oahu, you seem to know all the beautiful spots. I’m a big fan of Makapuu lighthouse and that whole drive around the east side.

    From a helicopter, the whole north side is beautiful…and kualoa park looks really cool because they have the footprint of Godzilla still there from when they filmed the movie there.

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