From Victoria

Blogging from Victoria, British Columbia tonight. My Dad had some pretty serious surgery for bowel cancer yesterday and I am here to help my Mom get to and from the hospital, spend time with Dad so mom isn’t exhausted and keep the extended family (which is rather large) updated. Mom and Dad are in their 80’s – yah I know that makes me kind of old too. 🙂
I miss my sweetheart though – just can’t stand being away from him…love you dear!

I am on my Dad’s computer which is a bit of a dinosaur to say the least – like over 3 minutes to get onto the web and f…o…r…e…v…e…r to load my Blog up. I am wondering if my music is slowing it up. Sooo the music is gone and instead a new survey – REALLY I am interested in what you think. I LOVE music – I sing in a community choir and every Sunday at church…but maybe, just maybe other people don’t like to listen to music on a blog and maybe they don’t like my music choices…then again maybe they do. So please take my survey. Thanks!


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