Nope I am not scrapbooking in Victoria – I wish. I uploaded this last weekend when I was at home and am posting it today…so here it is.

This is the Kamehameha Hwy heading to the Northern shores of Oahu and the surfing town of Haleiwa. Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit! I took this shot just after we left the Dole Pineapple plantation.

I love MM rub-on letters but this page used up just too many a, e, m, and h’s. 🙂 LOL I think the Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters and most of them are vowels.
Thanks for looking….and don’t forget to do my survey – on the left of the screen…at the top…go ahead. It is totally anonymous.

4 thoughts on “Haleiwa

  1. Those colors are beautiful, Julie:)
    As a side note, I worked briefly in the birth registry department of a local hospital and saw some odd names, to say the least. One baby had a name that was Hawaiian and had 23 letters! It’s on days like those that I’m thankful for a name like Jaime:)

  2. Awesome page!! My last name has 13 letters…and can be made fun of in so many ways…Sherstobitoff…lol… Can’t wait to get married 🙂

  3. I love this Picture Julie! It is so amazing. I alos love your Bible verse from today, (Thur.) So true. Have fun in Victoria. I hope the weather is better there than here 🙂


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