Back home

I like today’s Bible verses – Luke 5:27 (for those of you reading this off your Google reader) Jesus hung out with the working class – fishermen, tax collectors (not well liked people) prostitutes and well basic sinners…kind of like you and me! 🙂

I am home from Victoria and it is so good to be back with my sweetheart and the comforts of home. Dad is still struggling along with very poor progress but progress non the less and my sister is there now to help Mom with trips up to the hospital.

I have a busy week ahead of me but it starts with a shift at Just Scrap it! today and soooo do you think I will spend more than I make? YES!!! Or have you all bought all that new stuff??? I hope you left some for me!
But first off to the gym!!!

Here is a cloudy sunrise off the Juan de Fuca strait (spelling?) looking south-east of Victoria.



PS – you have eight hours to vote (top left) 🙂


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