No Music and odds and ends

Well the votes are in and it looks like most of you (55%) prefer no music on a Blog (and probably web sites as well) And I can fully relate. When I am surfing the net and enjoying the peace and quiet in my room at the back of the house here after a crazy day at work, I don’t enjoy visiting a site where music starts blaring at me. Sometimes it is really quiet stuff and it actually makes me enjoy the site…but music, like art, is personal, right? Why risk offending? The other downside is when I post a great video (like that Amazing Grace one) you get this jumbled sound and the two compete for your ears. So for these reasons and because I plan to post more great videos (a powerful and cool guy Mark Driscoll – don’t miss it!) I will refrain from adding music to my blog. The masses have spoken!!

Feel free to leave your comment. Tell us all how you feel about music on a blog.

On another note I took a course today on Microsoft PowerPoint. Very cool!! Tomorrow we learn to add music files.

Today’s scripture verse – “not even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity” Check out Matthew 5:28 for Jesus’ definition of this. It is indeed impossible to keep the law…what are we to do?

My Dad continues to struggle in his recovery from bowel cancer surgery. I keep waiting for news that he has rounded that corner and each day brings a few set backs and a few steps forward. I would appreciate your prayers for him and my mom during this difficult time.

I have a few pages I got done the other day and will try to post them tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “No Music and odds and ends

  1. My prayers are with your family Julie. I hope that your Dad recovers quickly & that God gives your whole family strength as you go through this difficult time. Take care 🙂


  2. Julie keep me posted about your dad, as we will be praying for him and your whole family. I will have specific prayer request for him this weekend at church. We serve an awesome God! Take care.


  3. My father in law recently had bowel cancer surgery. I wish your dad and your family all the best in his recovery, and will definitely keep your parents in my prayers!

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